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Human Hair Wigs Vs. Synthetic Wigs | What Type Of Wigs Are Better

Selecting between Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs can be a big task as these wigs cost a lot of dollars. So go through the differences below to make sure that you don’t waste money on the wrong type:

How Long Does The Wig Last?

Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Human Hair Wigs- 

Human Hair Wigs lasts way longer than synthetic wigs. Human Hair Wigs last for about more than one year, if maintained properly then they can last even longer.

Synthetic Wigs-

These wigs do not have that long period of life like the Human Hair Wigs does but they still last for about 5-6 months of time span. After this span of time, they just start tangling up like crazy and it is very hard to manage them properly.


Hairstyle Ideas For Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

These hair are pretty easy to be styled as they are just human hair at the end of the day. Although if you want to make sure that your wigs last longer make sure that you use as little heat as is pretty easy to do Hairstyles For Women with this type of wigs.

Synthetic Wigs

These wigs are hard to style, which is their biggest drawback. Their fiber has a “Texture Memory” that brings back the original texture of the wig. But there are specific wigs that are heat friendly so might go for those if you want to style them regularly.

Hair Texture

Hair Texture Types

Human Hair Wigs

Hair Texture of Human Hair Wigs depends on their type. There are many different types of hair like Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European/Caucasian. So it completely depends upon the type of hair that the wig has. Just an FYI if the seller is authentic then they will mention it when they are selling the product.

Synthetic Wigs

So the texture of synthetic wigs is pretty different from the Human Hair ones. It is a bit dull and thicker as compared to Human Hair. But there are some high-end synthetic wigs that are almost similar to the human hair ones.

Price Point

Price Of Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs are pretty expensive but they are like a one-time investment so I think it’s worth buying.

Synthetic Wigs- 

These wigs are pretty cheap as compared to the human hair wigs. Now if you want the high-end wigs then they can cost you almost just the same as these human hair ones so you might as well buy those.

So these were some of the comparisons between the two types so if you’re going to buy then it’ll be easy for you. There are many other differences if you want I can make a blog about those ones too!

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